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Meet Yujin

My name is Yujin Choi (pronounced Eugene).
I'm a nature lover, beach dreamer, natural outdoor person. From Yoga to boxing, crossfit to surfing I LOVE all forms of movements.

Of all the great activities out there, my true passion is Pilates, ever since I took my first Pilates reformer class nearly 10 years ago. I’ve come to realise that I cannot live without it. I can honestly tell from the the way my body feels if I have missed it for more than just a few days!

Pilates is, for me, the most intelligent way of exercising and strengthening the entire body from the largest to the smallest muscle groups. It gives you the fit, lean, toned body and a whole lot more. I will teach you body awareness and correct body movement. This can help you improve everyday activities from sitting, bending down or walking properly to high intensity exercises such interval training, running, swimming, weightlifting and practically every sport. 

If you are looking for a smart workout that could help you to get what you want physically and mentally, try the magic of Pilates with me. I can assure you that you will feel and see the difference like no other type of exercise. 

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